Madestones Philosophy

Madestones is Europe’s thought leader and largest lab-grown diamond distributor. Lab-made diamonds celebrate both inner & outer diamond beauty – they are beautiful to look at, and because they are eco-friendly and socially responsible, they also possess an internal beauty

Madestones Philosophy

Diversity of Colours & Shapes

Madestones offers premium quality lab-grown diamonds (0.005ct up to 5ct, D to K colours, full clarity range) in both timeless whites, and striking colours like spectacular blue, pink and yellow, round and fancy shapes

Diversity of Colours & Shapes

Certificates and Properties

The international gemmological laboratories GIA, IGI, HRD provide diamond grading reports, certifying that laboratory grown diamonds are exactly the same as mined diamonds except that lab-made ones are created by science. Most of Madestones larger than 0.30ct are IGI certified and laser inscribed

Certificates and Properties

A More Affordable, Socially Responsible and Eco-Friendly Choice

Being a product of modern technology, Madestones marry science to social values and are much more affordable diamonds which meet the needs of the smart, socially engaged consumers

A More Affordable, Socially Responsible and Eco-Friendly Choice

Our Fine Jewellery Collection

The Madestones collection blends all-white, high quality lab-grown diamonds with the timeless Antwerp design and craftsmanship. You can choose among the astonishing pieces of the Memories, the Mirage or the Mojo Collections or order custom design jewellery from us

Our Fine Jewellery Collection

Would You Like to Extend Your Business Opportunities?

Join the fast growing lab-made diamond industry today and offer your clients an eco-friendly and socially responsible alternative. Stay ahead of the competition with Madestones

How Can We Help You Grow

Successful Business

Embrace the power of the growing and perspective lab-created diamonds. Let us work out a proposal, perfectly tailored to fit your business context and needs.

Individual Approach

Each business has its own values, goals and mission. We are here to help you define how we could join our efforts to create a better future of diamond industry.

Trainings for Partners

We offer education seminars for retailers and individuals that will enlighten you on the science behind this innovative diamond.

Balanced Business

Provide consumers with a smart choice when purchasing diamond jewellery and win more market segments by diversifying your product portfolio.

Marketing Assistance

We provide marketing support to our clients, helping them with the marketing strategy and proper communication with the consumers on Madestones.


You can sell & promote the beautiful white and colour lab-grown diamonds as Madestones or under your own brand. Enjoy the flexible and fruitful parnership.

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Customers Trust Us

Nova Diamonds
Nova DiamondsKingston Jewellers, UK

UK-based Kingston Jewellers has launched its own brand of Lab-grown diamonds – Nova Diamonds. The company is offering a Lab-grown diamond ring collection, sourcing the round brilliant cut diamonds from Madestones

IsabelleMadestones customer

Unique, beautiful to look at and honest in its origins.
Values that are also important to me in life and the reason why I choose lab grown diamonds for my engagement and wedding rings.

Our Latest Achievements

Madestones was nominated for the award of Supplier of the Year 2018 in the UK. This nomination from Professional Jeweller is a reward for our hard work and commitment to constantly helping our customers with their diamond requests, marketing strategies and staff education to achieve their goal.

Professional JewellerUK's leading B2B jewellery industry magazine
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Read & watch the interview with Thierry Silber, the founder and CEO of Madestones to find the answers to most common questions about the lab-grown diamonds